Case Studies

Exploring the limitless possibilities of cutting-edge technology with our proficient team.

AI-Powered COVID-19 Detection System

An AI-powered COVID-19 detection system was developed, which utilized computer vision and machine learning algorithms to analyze patient images and detect signs of COVID-19. The...

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IoT-Powered Supply Chain Optimization for a Manufacturing Co.

A tailor-made IoT-powered supply chain optimization system was designed & deployed. The system was designed to improve logistics, inventory management, and quality control, an...

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AR/VR-Powered Employee Training and Onboarding

A multinational corporation faced challenges in training and onboarding new employees. TechGoats proposed an AR/VR-powered employee training program....

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AI-Based Crop Disease Detection

Our team leveraged machine learning algorithms and computer vision technology to quickly and accurately detect crop diseases. The system used a combination of images and data to identify and cl...

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E-Waiver platform built on Blockchain

Team Tech Goat developed a customized private blockchain-based platform that streamlined their waiver process, reducing the time spent managing paperwork and improving their customer experience....

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Waste Management Detection System

A waste management and recycling company faced difficulties in recognizing diverse forms of garbage, determining waste level of fullness, and identifying contamination using hardwa...

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